X’s @Music posts Ed Sheeran photo to celebrate new handle. Users aren’t impressed.

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August 5, 2023

Earlier this week, X took the handle @Music from a user who had held it for 16 years. The @Music account (which has since merged with the now-defunct @TwitterMusic) celebrated the acquisition with a single, wordless post: a photo of Ed Sheeran holding a copy of his second album X.

X users are now coming to the defense of @Music’s previous owner, Jeremy Vaught, who posted about the loss of the handle and was paid nothing for it.

Replies to and quote tweets of the photo of Sheeran are flooded with calls for X to return the handle to Vaught, and some well-deserved digs at the Sheeran photo. Namely, that it is so eye-rollingly lame to steal a handle and then announce yourself to the internet with a nearly 9-year-old reference (“X” was released in 2014).

This is at least the second handle X has taken over in the past week or so. Looks like it’s starting to be a bad habit.

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