Usada Pekora Pecola Craft Soda Launches in Japan

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August 8, 2023

Image via Pecola Official Website

Usada Pekora, the third-generation rabbit Vtuber from the talent agency Hololive, revealed her original Pecola soda syrup during her livestream on August 7, 2023. This partnership marks a first for U Products, as it hasn’t released a Vtuber cola before. The label and box of Pecola feature illustrations by Bkub Okawa, the manga artist behind the series Pop Team Epic. Two 200ml bottles of “Pecola” are available for 5,400 yen ($38) in Japan.

According to the collaboration website, Pecola can be enjoyed with carbonated water, hot water, milk (both hot and cold), or over yogurt. The cola syrup is made with a complex blend of spices, primarily domestically grown lemons and cardamom sourced from Nabari City in Mie Prefecture.

A set of merchandise to accompany the Usada Pekora Pecola soda is also available. The Pecola Goods Set includes a cola glass featuring the illustration by Bkub Okawa in gold foil, a pop glass charm, a cork coaster, and two label stickers. The complete Pecola Goods Set is available at the price of 3,300 yen ($23) in Japan.

Here’s a closer look at that:

This is the second Usada Pekora announcement in August 2023. She will be a playable character in the fan-made fighting game, Idol Showdown, at Evo 2023. The Vtuber originally made her debut in July 2019, and has been gaining popularity both domestically and globally.

A pair of 200ml bottles of “Pecola” can be purchased for 5,400 yen ($38) in Japan. The 2023 shipments are already sold out, but shipments will begin again in January of 2024.

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