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When a computer crashes, it can result in data loss. This can be loss of small files, or in the case of a large company, it can cause a company to lose a ton of money. There are many different types of data recovery services that can be offered to recover data depending on the type of crash. Below are some of the services that are offered at many data recovery companies:


A large percentage of data recovery services comes from hard drive failures and is increasing. Because technology is advancing every day, hard drives are getting larger and holding more data, which means that data recovery is more important than it used to be because people are worried about losing all of their precious data.

Hard drives are reaching capacity levels of 200 gigabytes or more. This means that the potential for extreme data loss has skyrocketed. Almost everything that is done is put on a hard drive in one form or another and people are neglecting to back up that hard drive and are at risk of losing everything.


RAID systems are extremely complex and due to the extreme expertise needed to develop, administer, and maintain, there is much more potential for damage and configuration problems. When a RAID system is not backed up correctly, it can lead to complete business failure or extreme financial loss. RAID systems are the most critical part of a company since everything is digital now. If your RAID system fails, do not touch it or try and fix it yourself. Call a specialist or things could be lost forever.


Tape is primarily used for backup and is used as a sequential storage media. Tape allows for large capacity backup and is good for businesses. Just remember, like the RAID system, it is very complex and you should not take on the recovery yourself. You could end of making things worse.  Professionals have unique technology and tools specifically for tape recovery. Chances are, professionals have seen every kind of tape recovery and will be able to help as long as you do not make things worse.


Optical media is written and read by a laser, such as CDs and DVDs. There are many problems that can cause an optical media to fail. The CD or DVD could become scratched, the player could ruin the media and more. Please do not attempt to fix. This will only make things worse.


Removable recovery involves storage media such as floppy disks, zip drives, and other related storage media. Theses storage devices are much smaller, therefore they hold less than the other types of media we have talked about.

There are a number of problems that can arise from these storage devices. These include physical damages and human error. These problems can cause overwritten data, disk reformatting, and virus damage. Every recovery situation is unique and when this happens make sure you call a professional right away.


Digital media devices include cameras, portable storage devices, and other flash media. Since these are becoming more affordable, there is a rising demand for recovery for these types of products. Data recovery companies have developed appropriate digital data loss solutions.

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Where do i repair my laptop in Nairobi, Kenya?

For the best laptop, macbook, smartphone repairs visit Gadgets Garage Kenya. We offer both hardware and software solutions for your gadgets at the affordable rates and shortest time possible.

What do i do when water spills on My laptop?

Most people advise you to put it in rice, some say in salt but all this doesn’t work. the best thing to do is to take out the battery and seek professional help from a technician. Don’t switch it on until it is checked.

How do i fix my wi-fi if it's not connecting?

This could be either a software or hardware issue. Check whether drivers are correctly installed, check the antennae connection on the wireless card if it still doesn’t work change the wireless card and install the right drivers.

Is it advisable to change harddisk to SSD?

A solid state drive is way bestter than the normal disk since it makes your boot time and operation speed much faster though they are a bit costly. All in all you get value for your move with that kind of migration.

What is the solution to “Gmail storage is full” ?

A lot of us have run into storage issues on our Gmail account. There have been times we have received a notification stating the storage of Gmail account is full and mails need to be deleted in order to receive new ones. Google provides users with a total of 15GB storage for free, this is the storage for Drive files, emails, WhatsApp backups, among others. Google forums are filled with queries related to storage full issues and two answers get repeated a lot. First, to purchase additional cloud storage from Google and the second is to clean up some space to accommodate new mails.
To buy additional storage you will need to select the amount of storage you want and add your credit card details to make the  purchase. After doing this once, Google will set up a recurring payment from your account and you will get additional space until you decide to end the subscription. However, to add new data or receive new emails you will have to clear up the storage and bring the amount of space your account uses to below 15GB.
There are three ways in which you can free up space on your Google account:

  • Delete files by size in Google Drive
    • From your drive log in to your Google account
    • There it will list all your files in descending order, in terms of space occupied.
    • Permanently delete the files you do not require anymore.
  • Delete mails
    • Head over to and log in to your Google account.
    • In the Search bar, type “has: attachment larger:10M”
    • This will bring up all emails with attachments of over 10MB in size.
    • Now head to the Trash and tap on the empty trash button to free up space in your account.
    • Now head over to the Spam folder from the left navigation bar.
    • Now click on the Delete all spam messages now, and then confirm.
  • Convert Google photos
    • Head over to Google photos on a PC.
    • Log in to your Google account.
    • Change the upload quality from Original to High Quality.
    • Google will ask you if you want to recover your storage, which will convert your earlier uploads to High Quality and help you save up on space.


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