Red XIII Gets a FFVII Ever Crisis Beach Wallpaper Too

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September 14, 2023

Lifeguard Tifa isn’t the only FFVII Ever Crisis character with a wallpaper based on the new look, as there’s one for Red XIII too. This one features the character in his new Seaside Aloha costume. This features something of a Hawaiian, vacation-style shirt as he lounges on a beach. There’s also a new combat video highlighting his new Seaside Collar weapon’s C.Ability.

First, here’s the Red XIII FFVII Ever Crisis character wallpaper. Unlike the Lifeguard one, he’s more active in it. He’ll turn his head and let out a big yawn while lying down on the beach near a palm tree. As a reminder, you can get this as a weapon banner reward.

As for the new Red XIII FFVII Ever Crisis gameplay, it features the Seaside Collar Power Fang attack. It shows him strike the new Watermelon Tonberry enemy.

As a reminder, that weapon reduces lightning resistance while also applying Regen to him.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available for mobile devices.

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