Red Dead Redemption Re-Release Arrives Next Week, But it Isn’t the Remake You’re Hoping For

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August 8, 2023

The Red Dead Redemption community has been in a frenzy for quite some time, with rumors of a remaster or remake floating around regarding the journey of the great John Marston. And now, our lingering questions have finally been answered with Rockstar Games’ re-release announcement of the original that started it all.

Although it won’t be the remake that fans had wished for, Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare will debut on the Nintendo Switch for the first time ever, along with a relaunch on the PS4. The package will be available on Aug. 17, 2023, for $49.99 via the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation stores, and you can already place your order down or add it to your wish list (physical copies will release on Oct. 13, 2023.)

The upcoming installment will carry on the wild west adventures of John Marston after the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, including the zombified spin-off, Undead Nightmare, where players must fight to survive. But if you were looking forward to a complete remaster, the game will unfortunately not revamp the graphics or gameplay substantially, considering that it is a re-release and not a remake.

Many fans previously believed the project would be a remaster, given that many leaks have centered around graphics of the same caliber as Red Dead Redemption 2. Yet, this doesn’t seem to be the case, despite the rumors that have backed up this claim.

While it isn’t the game we had hoped for, next-gen consoles like the PS5 will have backward compatibility to play it on modern devices. However, PC players are seemingly left in the dust, as there is no word on its re-release for this system.

With the buzz surrounding Red Dead Redemption, there’s still hope for a remaster or PC launch, especially since the community continues to thrive after all these years. We’ll just have to cross our fingers for the next announcement, but we could also settle for an update on the highly-anticipated GTA 6.

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