Pokemon SV Teal Mask: Poltchageist Unremarkable & Masterpiece Form Differences

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September 14, 2023

The latest DLC for Scarlet and Violet is finally out, and if you’ve been following the news closely, you’ll know that the latest Pokemon to be revealed is Poltchageist. This green teapot Pokemon represents Matcha Tea, and is a perfectionistic little ghost that likes to make unsuspecting Trainers and civilians snooze. If you want to catch Poltchageist, you’ll have to know about the two different forms it has: Unremarkable and Masterpiece. Does it really matter which ones you get? How similar is Poltchageist to its Generation 8 counterpart, Sinistea? We got all the answers in the tiny guide below.

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What Are the Differences Between Poltchageist’s Unremarkable and Masterpiece Forms?

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The differences between Unremarkable and Masterpiece are more subtle than the names make them out to be. With titles like that, you’d think that a Masterpiece Poltchageist would have some kind of an advantage over an Unremarkable Poltchageist. However, similar to Sinistea and the evolution after, this haunted teacup only has those differentiations to display the fact that it’s the real teacup. One has a stamp, and the other does not, making the one without the stamp kind of like a counterfeit.

Despite the thrift store nature of what Unremarkable is, don’t let that discourage you if you have one. Your Poltchageist is no different than any other Poltchageist out there stat-wise, and if you raise and train it right it can be a great Pokemon, with its typing and all. From what we can tell at the beginning of the game, comparing an Unremarkable and Masterpiece Poltchageist next to each other, there are no notable differences aside from the square stamp on the bottom of the Pokemon.

If you want to see the proof for yourself to check your own Poltchageist out, simply go into photo mode and take a look at the Pokemon from all sides. If you see a square stamp around the rim at the bottom of the Pokemon then congrats, yours is authentic! A purely aesthetic advantage, but one that’s neat to have nevertheless.

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