Omniheroes Best Team Compositions Guide

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August 11, 2023

Looking for Omniheroes Best Team Compositions Guide? You are at the right place. In this article we will show you Omniheroes Best Team and Omniheroes Best Lineup. Best Omniheroes team comps are determined by their synergy effects.

You can actually check the Synergies of your existing heroes directly in the game and form your own teams accordingly. So come and take a look at this Omniheroes Best Team Compositions Guide – Strong Lineup

Omniheroes Best Team Compositions Guide – Strong Lineup

Best Valiantor-based Teams Omniheroes

The Valiantor synergy has been a favorite among players. Its popularity stems from the ease of acquiring heroes under this category and its power-packed combination when assembled right.

This synergy is primarily known for its Physical Damage (PDMG) boost and Damage Reduction (DMG RED) that can give players a distinct edge.

Primary Stage Composition:

  • Recommended Heroes: Odysseus, Diana, Elune, Themis, and Atropos.
  • Synergy Boost: Team gets a 125% PDMG and 25% DMG RED for 4 turns.
  • Strategy: This composition is beneficial in the early stages, helping players pass missions seamlessly, unlocking more game modes.

Secondary Stage Compositions:

Odysseus and Diana’s limited synergies pose challenges in advanced stages. Hence, evolving your team composition is crucial. Here are three recommended alternatives:

  1. Composition 1: Themis, Atropos, Elune, Dorabella, and Catrina.
  2. Composition 2: Themis, Atropos, Elune, Salleine, and Catrina.
  3. Composition 3: Themis, Atropos, Elune, Marina, and Lily & Lia.

Composition Strengths: The first two compositions are attack-oriented with four DPS heroes and one Support. The third is more balanced, focusing on survival.

Investment Strategy: Focusing on DPS heroes like Themis, Atropos, and Elune is advantageous. They not only have formidable power but can adapt to various game stages.

Best Glorian based Teams Omniheroes

The Glorians synergy stands out due to its dual advantage: elevating your team’s ATK and slashing the enemy’s DEF RED.

Primary Stage Composition:

Recommended Heroes: Marina, Lily & Lia, Themis, Atropos, and Elune.

Strategy Points:

Priority Acquisition: Secure Themis and Elune as early assets.

Resource Allocation: Focus on strengthening Themis, the core DPS of the team. Support heroes Marina and Lily & Lia should follow.

Synergy Activation: Upgrade Elune and Atropos to 9 stars for unlocking their full synergy potential. This combination unlocks a powerful synergy chain making your team formidable in the early stages.

Secondary Stage Composition:

Compositional Change: Replace Atropos with Guinn for a stronger Glorians synergy.

Strategy Points:

Guinn Acquisition: Utilize the Divine/Demon selectable cards from the Daily Login event and target Guinn. Further, utilize Oracle Coin to hasten Guinn’s upgrade trajectory.

Strengthening the Team: Continue your focus on Themis, Marina, the Twins, and subsequently Guinn.

Leverage Advanced Synergies: As your gameplay advances, tapping into tier 2 and 3 Synergies, especially the Rune Synergy, can amplify your team’s strength.

That’s it for this Omniheroes Best Team Compositions Guide

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