Lords of the Fallen Runs at 1440P@30FPS/1080P@60FPS on Consoles; Dev Says UE5 Is a Huge Leap in Tech

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August 12, 2023

Binarycode1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Yeah because the Witcher 2 looks like current gen games.

Strangely one of the most impressive games on PC is Ratchet and clank.

PS5 is a closed system, so you work with what you have. PC as you know is not one thing. It’s many and is governed by cost.

it’s like can passenger planes fly faster then what is currently used, yes it was called Concorde. But Cost caused it to be taken from service.

As for lords of the fallen, water fx need work from what i’ve seen.. Lumen is good graphically. Which is what is causing the drop in rez.

Problem as well, Unreal 4 is buggy and runs like crap in many games, i’m not expecting unreal 5 to be any different.

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