Come to Gadgets garage kenya, the premier repair facility in Mombasa, if you have been searching all over the city for someone to fix your phone, laptop, or other gadget. Our goal is to easily fix your broken electronics so they last longer. To achieve this, we conduct diagnostic tests on your (smartphone, laptop, iPhone, or Macbook) to identify any problems and then repair or replace the harmed components.

Our staff of skilled specialists is qualified to fix a wide range of gadgets, including smartphones, iPhones, Macbooks, Laptops, Tablets, and iPads. You can trust the Gadgets garage kenya staff to finish the job whether you need screen replacement service, water damage diagnostic, battery replacement, or general repair services.

For customers who are unable to visit our Mombasa repair shop, we offer mail-in/courier services, same-day pick-up, and delivery services. We also offer cost-effective repair and upkeep plans for Mombasa companies and schools.