Like a Dragon Gaiden Reveals Kiryu & Akame’s Relationship and New Characters & Screenshots

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August 10, 2023

SimpleSlave1h ago

Glad to see the real Yakuza show up. Hopefully it’s not a one off and it brings the series back to its rightful genre. The good one.

Yes, I know, Turd Based sold better. Yes, I know, you think series should change genres in order to freshen up. Yes, I know, your lack of imagination is outstanding and you would like a pat on the head for excelling at it. So, for the next Yakuza, I suggest a Doom Eternal clone. Maybe even a Tetris or Pac-Man-like. That should freshen it up good…

Again, at least it wouldn’t be a Turd Based atrocity. So there’s that.

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