How to Help Pandirna & Get the Rat’s Treasure in BG3

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August 6, 2023

When players reach the Druid’s Emerald Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3, they’ll be free to relax and explore a little in relative peace. However, those with a cunning ear for the local wildlife will find plenty of interesting tasks to complete.

If players follow one of the rats in this location, they’ll stumble upon poor Pandirna, a Tiefling down on her luck, and an evil treasure lurking in the chest behind her. This guide explains how to help Pandirna and grab that treasure without bringing down the wrath of every Tiefling in the area.

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How to Help Pandirna in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Players can find Pandirna in the pantry in Druid Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3. This is the first major location players will explore, but the pantry is locked. Players will need to have a character such as Astarion sneak up to the door and pick the lock to open it. See above for an exact map reference for the pantry.

Players might stumble upon the locked area by chance, but they can also speak to a nearby rat by using the Speak With Animals spell. This will allow them to chat with the rat, who has a broken tooth and insists that an evil treasure is nearby. It’ll lead players into the pantry, where they find Pandirna.

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As they enter the pantry, players will be shouted at by Pandirna. She’s been assigned to guard the location but is trapped against a treasure chest at the back of the room. They can convince her to let them enter by passing a skill check. Applying any additional bonuses to this skill check is important because failure draws in the guards.

Pandirna has been paralyzed by a bad potion. That’s a problem for players because she’s leaning against the chest the Rat wants them to open. To cure Pandirna of her paralysis, players must cast Lesser Restoration or Greater Restoration on her. This is a spell Druids can learn, but it’s also one Shadowheart should be able to equip.

In order to cast Lesser or Greater Restoration, players might need to take a Long Rest. We did this in the middle of the main questline in Druid’s Grove, and nothing advanced that was out of our control. The Druids were still preparing their spell, the Tieflings were still around, and the Goblins hadn’t invaded. If players need to take a Long Rest so they can help Pandirna, it’s worth it.

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After curing Pandirna, she’ll stand up, thank the player, and say they can roam the pantry freely. However, players aren’t allowed to touch anything in the pantry. This makes getting the Rat’s treasure a little tricky, though not impossible.

How to Get the Rat’s Treasure in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Once players have helped Pandirna, they can use a character with excellent sneaking skills to get behind her, unlock the treasure chest she was stuck on, and take the Rat’s treasure. Players will need to be careful because Pandirna can still call the guards at this point, so ensuring she doesn’t notice them is incredibly important.

Inside the chest, players will find a Bloodstone, some Gold, and the Pantry Key. This key is what allows them to get in and out of this location and is placed in the chest because players can get in through the roof.

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