Google is allegedly working on an Android device-linking feature

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August 11, 2023

Google is reportedly planning to introduce a new Android feature that will let users link their various Android devices together, similar to Continuity features across the Apple ecosystem. Android expert Mishaal Rahman tweeted about the potential feature, noting that it could allow Android devices that are signed into the same Google account to communicate with each other. 

This could enable features like “Call Switching,” which allows users to jump between connected devices during calls, and “Internet Sharing,” which Android Authority speculates could be an easier way to quickly set up a personal hotspot across the linked devices. Apple has a similar call-switching feature called “iPhone Mobile Calls” that allows users to make and receive calls from Apple devices like Macs and iPads signed into the same Apple ID, providing they’re on the same network as the user’s iPhone.

This is apparently the settings menu that users will see for the Link Your Devices feature once it rolls out.
Image: Mishaal Rahman

Android Authority also notes, however, that Apple’s “iPhone Mobile Calls” feature doesn’t allow users to receive calls from another iPhone. The wording for Google’s “Call Switching” feature (as seen in the screenshot provided by Rahman) suggests that it could be used to switch between different Android devices, including phones. So you might be able to pick up a call on a phone and transfer it to another linked phone or something like the Pixel Tablet. We won’t know for sure until Google officially announces this, but if it’s genuine then this could be useful for folks who need to carry more than one phone. 

Rahman claims that the “Link Your Devices” menu will appear under Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing in the device settings once the feature is officially released. Google has yet to announce the Android device linking feature, let alone a release date. We have reached out for comment from Google and will update this story should we hear back.

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