Get $179 worth of Pathfinder Tales for just $25 at Humble

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August 11, 2023

Through Aug. 30 you can snag an excellent collection of Pathfinder Tales at Humble starting at just $5. Pathfinder Tales are collections of novels and short stories, all taking place in the larger world of Golarion. While these bundles don’t represent a comprehensive catalog of all the Pathfinder fiction that’s been published, it remains an excellent value for anyone looking to learn more about the setting.

The $5 entry-level tier gets you eight essential titles fleshing out the world of Pathfinder, but there are additional tiers at $15 and $25 donations that get you even more novels and short stories to dive into. Any of these bundles are great for those looking to expand their knowledge of the lore of the Pathfinder universe.

The proceeds from your Humble Bundle purchase not only go to the publisher Paizo, but a portion is also set aside to benefit Comic Books for Kids. Comic Books for Kids! is a Chicago-based foundation that provides comic books to children in hospitals and cancer treatment centers.

A minimum donation of just $5 gets you ePubs of the following Pathfinder books, giving you plenty of proper nouns to borrow for your next campaign. While these bundles are an excellent deal, each title is also available as a standalone purchase directly from Paizo, which we’ve linked to below.

If you’re willing to donate at least $15, you’ll get everything from the previous tier in addition to the following ePubs.

The best value, however, is the 41-item bundle, which includes everything from the previous tiers and the following additional items if you make a minimum donation of $25.

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