FFVII Ever Crisis Gets Aerith Sunny Robe Swimsuit and Sun Umbrella

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September 15, 2023

Square Enix announced a new summer-themed banner to go along with the Beach Festival Fun event in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. The initial one involved new equipment for Red XIII and Tifa. Now the second FFVII Ever Crisis special banner offers an opportunity to get the Aerith Sunny Robe swimsuit gear and Sun Umbrella weapon and Cloud Maritime Sailor sailor suit and Maritime Sword weapon. 

Both the Sun Umbrella and Maritime Sword weapons for Aerith and Cloud in FFVII Ever Crisis are five-star weapons. The Maritime Sword has the Seasplitter C. Ability that deals water damage to a single enemy. The Sun Umbrella, which almost feels like a nod to the weapon you can get for her at the Gold Saucer in the original FFVII, has the Nightbloom C. Ability. It deals non-elemental damage to a single enemy with an increased critical rate, PDEF decrease, and MDEF decrease. Square Enix hasn’t shown videos of either C. Ability in action yet, like it did with Tifa and Red XIII’s from the last banner.

As for the gear, those are part of the Stamp Card for this new banner. So if you get Maritime Sailor outfit for Cloud, you get Boost HP and Water Mastery damage boost R. Abilities. As for the Aerith Sunny Robe swimsuit and robe in FFVII Ever Crisis, it offers Boost HP and Boost MATK R. Abilities. 

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. This new banner is available until September 28, 2023.

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