Fate/Samurai Remnant Opening Shows New Characters

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August 10, 2023

Koei Tecmo released the opening animation for the upcoming Fate/Samurai Remnant, featuring many of the characters and their special abilities. The opening was released as part of a presentation on the Fate/Grand Order Youtube channel, which also showed us a glimpse at some previously unannounced servants.

The opening animation takes on a slightly grimmer tone than some of the trailers had, at least for parts. After some introductory shots it shifts into some short but bloody action, as protagonist Miyamoto Iori cuts down two assailants in a ruined shrine. We then see Iori’s as-yet unnamed Saber class servant stepping past the corpses of his own opponents elsewhere, the camera lingering on a shot of his sandal stepping into a pool of blood.

The animation was produced by Cloverworks, who also did the Babylonia and Solomon story arcs from Fate/Grand Order, with direction from Nakaya Onsen. The theme song used was “Zanya Genous” by Spiral Radder featuring LICCA. You can watch the full opening animation for Fate/Samurai Remnant via Youtube below:

Later, there is also a shot of several of the rogue Servants facing away from the screen, including Cu Chulainn and Tamamo Aria who were previously shown off in the second trailer. Eagle-eyed fans may notice two newcomers, who were confirmed later in the presentation to be the Greek witch Circe and the Chinese martial artist Li Shuwen. Both servants have previously appeared in Fate/Grand Order as Caster and Assassin class servants respectively. You can see the screen in question below:

Image via Koei Tecmo

Fate/Samurai Remnant will release on September 29, 2023, for herethe Switch, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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