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ETR Machine Repair

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February 11, 2022

We are well-versed with the fact that how much you( as a company) are dependent on the ETR Machine for taxation purposes. Why not? ETR Machine connects your company to the IRS, preventing fraud and increasing cash flow. ETR machines also reduce costs, increase VAT collection, and prevent tax evasion. When a dependency is intense, the smooth working of the machine is important too. There are times when machines go wrong or stop working. In such cases, you need a quick fix. 

You may be talented, tech-savvy. However, it is not necessary that you would be able to fail to fix big issues in the ETR Machines. For these instances, we are your friend in need. We, at Gadgets Garage, REPAIR, REPLACE, and UPGRADE your faulty ETR Machine within your budget. Ring us for ETR Machine Repair Services in Kenya.

The Common Errors You May Encounter on ETR Machine

There are some common errors that you can resolve on your own without professional help. But remember that any problem, apart from these errors, needs the help of a repair company.

1) Error 1: It means the function pressed is incorrect. 

How to fix it? 

Press C Button and reenter the functions again.

2) Error 30: It means you haven’t generated/cleared the daily report. 

How to fix it?

Go to Z mode and generate a daily report on Z Report generation.

3) Error 87: It means the RAM battery (CMOS Battery) has drained its power.

How to fix it?

What do you do when equipment loses its power? Charge it. 

4) Error 114: It means you need to make changes to the date and time. 

How to fix it? 

Come to Gadgets Garage. They will reset the hardware and perform date/time adjustments. After recovery treatment, you will notice that your ETR machine will maintain all the transactions and improve memory.

5) Error 112: It means the SD card is faulty. 

How to fix it?

Replace or fix the SD card. 

6) Error 62: It means no thermal roll is present in the machine for printout. 

How to fix it?

Insert a new thermal roll in the paper in the machine, and you are good to go! 

Let’s Learn to Generate Monthly Report!

1) When the machine shows ‘Clerk 1’, click on Clerk Button twice to Z-Mode followed by Cash Button. The next step involves entering 0000 and pushing the cash button. 

2) Press the Clerk button once to access the Fiscal Report, then press the Cash Button.

3) Select Summary Report from the Clerk menu. Then, from date to date, press Cash on.

4) Press Cash once until the machine displays FROM (DDMMYYddmmyy), then enter the first and last days of the month in the ensuing format: (0101202031012020). (01 & 31) are the first and last days of the month, (01) is the month, and (2020) is the year.

5) Pressing the Cash button causes the machine to print the monthly fiscal report.

Why Choose Gadgets Garage?

1) We provide corporate and home users with innovative, scalable, and dependable Office Automation solutions.

2) We are motivated by the desire to provide each client with dependable and one-of-a-kind solutions.

3) We are a group of highly qualified professionals dedicated to achieving excellence in all of our initiatives.

4) Our customer support team is capable of decoding your systems and recommending steady fast solutions that satisfy the requirements of your specific environment.

5) Our technical team assists clients in developing effective and efficient ICT policies and implementing the solutions proposed by our customer support team.

Get in touch with us now. 

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