Detective Pikachu Returns Characters, Gameplay Revealed

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August 8, 2023

Game Freak revealed the Detective Pikachu Returns gameplay and more characters at the August 2023 Pokemon Presents conference. The official second trailer gave us our first real look at the spin-off title, which is set to launch in October 2023. The new footage includes a sneak peek at both the returning and new cast members, various Pokemon that will appear in the world, and a preview of the game’s detective mechanics.

Here’s the new Detective Pikachu Returns character and gameplay trailer via GameXplain:

You can also see the full Pokemon Presents for August 2023 below:

Detective Pikachu Returns is a sequel to the popular 2018 Nintendo 3DS title Detective Pikachu. After years of waiting, the second title in the series was finally unveiled during the September 2023 Nintendo Direct. Picking up where the last game left off, Detective Pikachu Returns will center around protagonist Tim Goodman reuniting with Pikachu in Ryme City.

According to Game Freak, the sequel will feature new Pokemon that have since made their franchise debut after the original game. With the recent release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in 2022, perhaps we will get to see some new Paldean Pokémon also make their appearance in the spin-off series.

Detective Pikachu Returns will be available on the Nintendo Switch starting on October 6, 2023.

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