Dead By Daylight Pits Ripley Vs Alien’s Xenomorph Later This Month

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August 9, 2023

Dead by Daylight has seen its fair share of collaborations with established horror franchises, and developer Behaviour Interactive has finally announced its newest one. After a previous tease, it was announced today that Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror film series, Alien, would be the next established franchise to cross over with Dead by Daylight.

Fittingly titled Dead by Daylight: Alien, this next expansion’s announcement came alongside a CGI trailer giving players an idea of what they can expect to see when the new content drops. As you’d probably guess, Ellen Ripley serves as the lone new survivor, while the iconic Xenomorph will be the new killer as players get to explore the Nostromo spaceship.

While the trailer didn’t offer up any gameplay, Behaviour Interactive has discussed how the Xenomorph will work, along with some other new features that will appear alongside it. Dubbing it “the embodiment of the stealth killer,” the Xenomorph can attack with its tail, and can use its Runner Mode power to walk on all fours and become an even stealthier adversary.

This new set of content will also feature Control Stations, a new function players can interact with on the map. Using control stations, Xenomorphs will be able to play to the strengths of the character’s stealth to go through tunnels underneath each control station. Survivors, on the other hand, can use the control stations to acquire a Flame Turret to help keep the Xenomorph at bay.

With how many successful horror film collaborations that Dead by Daylight has had, this is sure to add another exciting (and terrifying) crossover to the mix. Get ready to scream for yourself (while no one gets to hear it in space) when Dead by Daylight: Alien is available on all platforms on Aug. 29.

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