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August 9, 2023

Are you eager to discover the build and other must-known details of Yao Winter Solstice, Yao Winter Solstice Best Build is a character from the Snowbreak Containment Zone and as per our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List, She is the best character in the game.

Yao – Winter Solstice (Sniper – Long Range General DPS, Bossing) is the Best bossing DPS in the game with insane synergy with Space Cowboy. Scorching Sun Awakening and Searing Resurrection make her formidable. Highly dependent on Space Cowboy or Manifest 1 for maximum potential.

However, if you want to be updated about the Snowbreak Yao Winter Solstice, this article is appropriate to study more.

Yao Winter Solstice: Best Team & Build Guide [Snowbreak Wiki]



Winter Solstice is a high-powered exoskeleton that harnesses the flames of the sun to deal devastating Thermal damage. As a powerful Sniper, she excels in long-range combat and bossing, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

How to Obtain:

Winter Solstice can be obtained through the Battle Assembly Echo Pool and Duty’s Command Echo Pool.

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Yao – Winter Solstice Skills

Standard Skill – Scorching Sun Awakening:

Skill Type: Enhance
Cooldown: 9 seconds
Energy Cost: 8 S-Energy

Neural Skill 1: When Scorching Sun Bullet hits a Weakspot, deals additional Thermal DMG equal to 50% of Winter Solstice YAO’s ATK.

Neural Skill 2: When equipped with a Thermal type weapon, Scorching Sun Bullet gains Aptitude: applies Burning effect to targets hit, dealing Thermal DMG equal to 10% of Yao’s ATK every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds.

Charge: 5

Winter Solstice YAO uses Tactical Replenish to reload 1 Scorching Sun Bullet. When the shot hits the target, an explosion is triggered, dealing Thermal DMG to the target and surrounding enemies, while also interrupting the target’s special skills for 5 seconds.

Support Skill:

Skill Type: Damage
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Energy Cost: 30 S-Energy

Neural Skill 1: Winter Solar Corona now deals Thermal DMG equal to 100% of Yao’s ATK when it expires.

Neural Skill 2: When an operative uses a skill inside Winter Solar Corona, they can consume the Winter Solar Corona to recover 3 S-Energy or 5 U-Energy.

Winter Solstice YAO knocks surrounding enemies into the air, dealing Thermal DMG. Then she places a Winter Solar Corona trap that lasts for 5 seconds, applying the Burning effect to targets inside the trap, dealing Thermal DMG equal to 10% of Yao’s ATK every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds.

Ultimate Skill – Searing Resurrection:

Skill Type: Enhance
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Energy Cost: 100 U-Energy

Neural Skill 1: When equipped with a Thermal type weapon, increases Yao’s CRIT DMG Amplifier in Solar Flare state by 10%.

Neural Skill 2: When hitting the same part of the same target with New – Solar Storm, the final DMG dealt increases by 5% (max 5 stacks).

Passive: Tactical equipment Winter Solstice’s Solar Armor provides Yao with All Resistance of 20%.

Winter Solstice YAO shatters the Solar Armor, entering the Solar Flare state, and her weapon is replaced with

New – Solar Storm. While in Solar Flare state, Winter Solar Armor’s bonus resistance is no longer active.

New – Solar Storm shots deal Thermal DMG but do not gain U-Energy and cannot be reloaded through ordinary means. Yao will exit the Solar Flare state immediately when she reloads, runs out of ammunition, or leaves the field. After the Solar Flare state ends, Solar Armor will be reactivated, and Yao will regain the bonus All Resistance.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Yao Winter Solstice Guide & Strategy

Winter Solstice excels in long-range combat, making her ideal for bossing and dealing heavy Thermal damage from a distance.

Utilize Scorching Sun Awakening’s charge ability to reload Scorching Sun Bullets and deal explosive Thermal DMG to enemies.

Winter Solar Corona can trap enemies and deal continuous Burning effect damage, making it great for crowd control.

Master the Solar Flare state during her Ultimate Skill, Searing Resurrection, to maximize CRIT DMG Amplifier and damage output.

Be mindful of Yao’s positioning and ammo management while in Solar Flare state to avoid wasting U-Energy and maintain sustained damage.

Pair Winter Solstice with other operatives who can benefit from her support skill’s energy recovery inside Winter Solar Corona.

Yao, the Winter Solstice, is an unparalleled bossing DPS sniper in the game. Her synergy with Space Cowboy enhances her damage output significantly.

Her active skill, Scorching Sun Awakening, unleashes devastating high-damage shots, while her ultimate skill, Searing Resurrection, grants her a supercharged gun and reduces damage taken.

Manifest 1 is a game-changer, allowing her to reload her special weapon from Searing Resurrection.
Neuronics for both active and ultimate skills are crucial for maximizing her potential.

That’s it for this Yao Winter Solstice: Best Team & Build Guide [Snowbreak Wiki]

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