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February 4, 2022

Have you ever noticed how much we are dependent on our electrical gadgets? It seems our breaths live in our gadgets. Why not? From ordering food, booking cabs, paying electricity bills to learning and education, communication, and working, we can do most of the things online. No physical labour, no sweat. These gadgets have put our worries to an end. With so much dependence on these gadgets, imagine what would happen if these stops working?

We can see your heart skipping a beat. But you don’t have to fret anymore. Every problem has a solution. Gadgets Garage is the best gadget repair shop in Kenya keen on offering effective and budget-friendly repairing services to lighten your burden. To be honest, we are the real deal. You can rely on us. When you have technical people on your side, you don’t have to let blues reach your heart. We provide free diagnostics and turn-key solutions for all of your electronic devices.

Repairing Services We Offer


1) Printing Maintenance Services

The type of printer service or maintenance required is determined by the type of unit and its current age.

2) ETR Machine Repair

We help to resolve common errors in ETR Machine, including Error 1, Error 30, Error 87, Error 114, Error 112, and Error 62. We will explain the causes of these errors and how to remove them appropriately.

3) Smartphone repair

Because we only use genuine and approved replacement parts, our repairs and swaps will not void your warranty. The sub-services include Replacement of a Broken Screen, Upgrade Software, Battery Replacement, Replacement of a camera, Repair of the Charge Port, Water Invasion Diagnostic, and fixing speaker problems and broken buttons.

4) Macbook Repair

Our third-party Macbook and iMac repair technicians will install a new Solid State Drive (SSD), expand the memory, reinstall the latest Mac operating system and give your Mac a second chance.

5) Laptop Repair

We only use genuine parts and approved replacement, so our repairs and swaps won’t void your warranty. The sub-services cover blue screen then restarts, Boot device not found, Broken screen replacement, Install/repair the operating system, Broken hinges & case fixing, Water spillage, Keyboard replacing, Battery replacement, and Laptop not powering on (power problem).

6) Data Recovery

Data loss can occur when a computer crashes. This can range from the loss of a few small files to the loss of a large sum of money in the case of a large corporation. Depending on the type of crash, there are many different types of data recovery services that can be provided to recover data.  Explore with us.

Why Choose Us?

1) Gadgets Garage Kenya offers unbiased information, communication, and technology consulting to SMEs and government organizations.


3) Gadgets Garage Kenya was founded to offer high-quality business computing solutions. We provide both corporate and home users with innovative, scalable, and dependable Office Automation solutions.

4) The company is motivated by the desire to provide each client with dependable and one-of-a-kind solutions. We are a group of highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to achieving excellence in all that we do.

5) Our customer support team is capable of comprehending your systems and recommending dependable solutions that meet the requirements of your specific environment.

6) We want to build long-term relationships with our customers. We hope to maximize the potential of our traditional business with their help by combining improved service quality, creative marketing, innovative pricing, and cost-efficiency.

7) We also have a strong team of sales engineers who are well-versed in the systems we deploy. Ring us in an emergency. We won’t disappoint you at all.

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