Baldur’s Gate 3: Should Shadowheart Lie to Ferg Drogher About Shar in BG3?

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August 11, 2023

Can anyone be trusted with the truth of Shadowheart’s faith in Baldur’s Gate 3? The Shadow Cursed Lands were eerily silent, but Baldur’s Gate is a town bursting with noise. Everyone’s loudly quarreling, protesting, and just what are these earthquakes? It’s a big city, and you’re just hoping to squeeze your way in when someone calls Shadowheart’s name. The fact that Sharran devotees lurk in Baldur’s Gate isn’t strictly hush-hush, which means we might be headed for a storm. Should you lie to Ferg Drogher about Shadowheart’s identity?

Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Reveal Shar Has Forsaken Shadowheart?

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The stuff that has been shared about Sharran devotees is enough to scare me. These people deceive, torture, and murder others to please their goddess. Worried about Shadowheart’s safety, I urged her to lie about her beliefs and say that she still worshipped Lady Shar. However, I was also conflicted about stepping into a situation that, much like Lae’zel in Mountain Pass, that could be resolve on her own.

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If Shadowheart lies about stepping away from Shar’s beliefs, the man won’t believe her. It doesn’t matter if you use a personal bond or the parasite to interfere with Shadowheart’s matters; the man won’t buy the lie. Apparently, being a Shar worshipper gives him a third eye to spot liars. Before walking away, he’ll report Shadowheart’s reappearance to his superiors in the House of Grief in the Lower City.

If Shadowheart is left to her own devices, she’ll have a better strategy. Shadowheart will tell Ferg that she repents straying away from Lady Shar and plans to ask Mother Superior for forgiveness in the House of Grief.

In any case, it sets the stage for a future visit to the Sharran worshipper’s nest. Fingers crossed Shadowheart can talk her way out of trouble then.

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